Poem: The ABC’s of the Lord

A simple way to write a poem is to use the alphabet as your guide. Think of a theme, then think of a word in that theme that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Here is an example of my poem,” The ABC’s of the Lord“.

At all times practice thoughtfulness to others.

Be compassionate toward the less fortunate.

Cherish one another, even in the hardest of times.

Delight forever in the magnificence of the Lord.

Encourage others frequently during difficult events.

Forgive, forget and then forge forward.

Give to others willingly; share your prosperity

Hold in your heart the authority of the Lord

Ignore the false accusations of others.

 Judgment of others is best left up to the Lord.

Kneel down daily and spend time in prayer.

Love with your whole heart.

Maintain friendships that reveal His goodness.

Never take part in gossip, but share the word of the Lord.

Openly profess your love for Him.

Praise God and unite with those who worship Him.

Quarrel rarely and forgive quickly.

Reveal your true self to the Lord

Sincerely fill your heart and soul with His grace.

Trust and turn all your problems over to the Lord.

Urge the downhearted to look upward, beyond their pain.

Visualize heaven’s splendor when times are hard.

Worship and celebrate with other believers.

Xerox His principles; duplicate the values of the Lord.

Yell His name from the mountain tops.

Zealously protect the offerings of the Lord.

Read more poetry and articles at : http://www.bukisa.com/articles/73569_an-alphabet-poem-the-abcs-of-the-lord#ixzz1LnEpUqqe


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