So Many Books

There were so many books at Barnes and Noble’s

That I wanted to buy but I wasn’t able

Up at the counter with my chin in my hand

I said to the sales clerk… I have another plan


At my low bank balance I did curse

As I put my wallet back in my purse

I pulled out my phone and I began to type, open morning and night


I entered the ISBN number

Of the books I had found

And quickly my frown

Was upside down


For there on my phone

Was each book I was seeking

At a lower price

And with free shipping


I clicked and I scrolled filling my cart

With Barnes and Nobel’s heavy on my heart

There is much to be said for a book held in hand

And my first choice is a bookstore to find what I can


But as money is the king of the land

I must cut costs wherever I can

Thanks Barnes and Noble’s, mortar and stone,

But I must go with the prices found on my phone.


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