Is Chivalry Dead?

How to Bring Chivalry Back into Your Relationships

Is chivalry dead? Some would say it went the way of the dinosaur! American men often think chivalry is a waste of time but a true woman is often impressed and pleased when a man performs an act of chivalry. Here are 7 ways to impress your favorite girlfriend, mother, grandmother and strangers with acts of chivalry. None of these steps will cost you any money; however, they can earn you some much needed relationship points.

 Step 1

Confidently and with style, allow the woman (or women) to go on and off the elevator or escalator first. Remember, women often wear high heels which can get caught in the stairs or entry ways. If you are behind her, you can be there to help her in case she trips or falls.

Step 2

At a restaurant, let a woman select what chair she wants to sit in or what side of the booth she wants to sit on. Allowing the woman to go first makes her feel more comfortable and allows you the opportunity to show her that her needs are more important than yours.

Step 3

Open the door for her and hold it open while she goes into the room or building. Don’t rush to get in before her and don’t shove her out of the way. As women are usually towing children or pets with them, by holding the door open for her, you are showing her kindness and patience.

Step 4

After an outing, walk her to her front door. Don’t just leave her at the door way to fend for herself. So many women live alone today that coming home to an empty house can be scary. Even if she just lives down the street from you, it is comforting to know someone is watching to make sure you get into the house safely. If you are bringing your date home, walk her to her door and watch while she enters. She may be so impressed that she will invite you in for coffee.

Step 5

Never let a woman walk to their car alone after dark. After taking a quick survey of the women in our office, this appears to be the scariest time for women. Do your part and escort her until she is in her car and she has the car started. Sitting in a car that won’t start in an empty parking lot is the thing horror movies are made for!

Step 6

When taking public transportation, allow the woman to board first and select a seat of her choosing. If you are taking a taxi, allow her to get in first and make sure you don’t shut the door on her dress or coat. When exiting a bus or train, let her exit first and be there to give her a hand in case she should slip or trip.

Step 7

Always walk street side. This means you are both walking together, you should walk on the side of the side walk where the cars are. This way she won’t get splashed by passing vehicles and there won’t be a chance of her getting pushed off the curb and into the street. Just as mother walk on the outside to keep their children safe, men should walk on the outside to keep the women safe.


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