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A Book Review – “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do”

Responsible Leadership

A Book Review of “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do”, written by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller.

Though I have been a supervisor before, when hired for my latest assignment, I was thrust into a mix where the problems were known company wide and discord was the mood of the day. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to get the team running smoothly in 6 months. In the management section of the local book store, I found “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do”, written by the team of Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller. This is a wonderful book, just 125 pages, full of insights and steps that helped me accomplish my goal and earn an Employee Recognition Award after 6 months in my new position.

The main point of the book is this: A responsible leader must be able to See the future, Engage and develop others, Reinvent continuously, learn to Value results and relationships and Embody values in all team members. The most important point of the book is “a good leader is one who serves”. A brief summary of the points will help you understand why this book was so helpful to me. Each point is explained in detail.

Seeing the future does not mean using a crystal ball, but to have a plan and goals as to what the future should be. Have a workable plan and develop the steps to make the plan succeed is how you see the future. The future does not just happen; it is what you do today that makes the future of tomorrow.

Engaging and developing others is a great way to make your future succeed. No man is an island and all tasks go better with assistance. Ask others their opinions and their ideas. Encourage them to get involved in the process towards the new future and help them to succeed in the process.

Reinventing continuously means you must watch for constant opportunities for change and analysis. Just because something was always done a certain way does not mean it is the best way to do it today. Time management, delegation of duties, a shifting of job responsibilities and then new training of team member may be all you need to improve your team and see results.

Value project results and building strong relationships may be a new direction for you. Investing in the relationships of those in your team will build trust and understanding between all the team members. When you like the person you are working with, you feel freer to share ideas, discuss failure and find solutions. If your relationships are growing, so will your results. Its easy to value results, we all want to succeed. The harder part of the equation is to build and develop strong, trusting relationships with all team members.

Embody values in your team members, your relationships and your results for the team. True leadership is built on trust. If you don’t trust the person leading, you will not follow them no matter how great their plan is. To build trust, you must maintain and exhibit values others can relate to and embody. Trust, values and strong relationships are traits of great leaders. Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson all had unyielding values and strong relationship with those they served.

This book is written in a conversation style that is easy to read and I found enjoyable. It was insightful and humorous while at the same time, very instructional. I enjoyed the style of this book and found it to be an easy-read. The last few pages of the book have information about the authors and other training programs offered by them. Contact information is provided as well as phone numbers and web site information.

If you are a supervisor or learning to be one, read “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do”, written by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller. I am glad I did!


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A Grain of Sand

Far above the ocean floor a wave has carried me

Tossing, churning, traveling, toward the place I long to be


Each wave carries me closer to the warm summer shore

Where adventure and dreams wait for me; in the water I will live no more


In a drop of salty spray I am tossed upon the sand,

Expectantly, anxiously, waiting for my new life to begin


Another wave rushes toward the shore, pushing me again

Thrown past rocks and pebbles, my aquatic adventure ends


Nestled on the beach, basking in the summer sun,

The water can no longer reach me here, lighter I become


I dream of adventure, of traveling across the sand

Perhaps in the shoe of a child or stuck to someone’s hand

Or maybe a young couple, strolling on the beach

Will lift me from the surface, letting me stick to their feet


Life out of the water, brings joy to a grain of sand

Washing up on a sunlit beach, my summer vacation at hand

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In the Sea

If I’d been born a whale
No happier could I be
Swimming, splashing, spy hopping
Roaming the open sea

If I’d been born a jelly fish
No happier could I be
Floating, bobbing, trailing
Drifting from sea to sea

If I’d been born a lobster
No happier could I be
Crawling along the ocean floor
Living in the sea

If I’d been born a seahorse
No happier could I be
Swimming among the rocks and plants
At the bottom of the sea

But I was born a human and
No happier could I be
Because I can swim in the ocean
And see what’s in the sea

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A Book is in the Works!

I finally decided on a topic for my non-fiction book. It will be about teaching children to write poetry as a parent and child project. I am still working on a title…perhaps something like “Finding the Poet in Your Child”. It will not be a long book, only 9 chapters; but it will be full of ideas on helping the parent and child create poetry together.

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Making Money On-line

Now that Christmas is almost over and the bills will be arriving soon, many people are looking for ways to earn some extra cash. This is the time of year many turn toward the internet for ideas. I have been making money from the internet for 2 years now. Mostly from writing, but some if from friends and family ordering books and dvds from amazon. Here is the link to my Amazon Store if you want to see what one looks like. Check it out and see if creating a store is going to work for you.

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New Books Available on Amazon

Good Morning Friends! I have just finished creating my Amazon Book Store. Click the link below to check it out! If you like it, save the link to your desk top favorites.

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Top 5 Fiction Novels to Add to Your Reading List

If you are looking for a great way to spend the cold winter evening at home, grab a good book from the list below and wrap yourself up in a snuggie while you escape to the world of imagination.

Crossfire by James Patterson

Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci

The Confession by John Grisham

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Bandon Sanderson

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