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Welcome to today’s version of Lessons Life Has Taught Me…

My front page will be a collection of articles, news stories and fictional stories. Please check out my redesigned Flash Fiction page and the Poetry page, by clicking on the top page tabs. I am certain you will find something to read the will make you think, laugh, cry, or just say…”What the ?”. Enjoy your time here and drop us a comment or two and let us know your opinion of our work. Thank you and have a great day!


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4th of July Bar-B-Q

His butcher knife wasn’t sharp enough. He saw the meat cleaver in the sink and picked it up. Staring at the body, he knew the cleaver wasn’t going to work either. He would need to use his saw. Water and blood flowed to the tables’ edge. The body was fresh. Not all the blood had drained during preparation. He would have to wash the table again. He pressed the start button and expertly cut the ribs free from the spine. People love their BBQ ribs for the 4th of July and the meat counter at Kroger’s was very busy today.

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Coffee and Wildlife

Sleepily, I made my way downstairs. The smell of fresh brewed coffee filled the air. I entered the dining room, stumbling toward the kitchen. Glancing out the glass doors, I was surprised to see two young fawns on the patio eating a breakfast of my sister’s prized roses. Mesmerized, I watched them peacefully consume one delicious rosebud after another. Abruptly, a pot holder soared past my face and thumped against the glass. I jumped. The frightened fawns darted off the porch into the woods. I turned toward my sister. “Stupid deer!” she smiled at me, “Need coffee?”

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County Library Offers High School Diplomas Online

High school graduation is a rite of passage for many but sometimes circumstances prevent students from getting a diploma.

Source: County Library Offers High School Diplomas Online

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San Diego County Veterans Forum Unveils New App for Services

Hundreds of veterans and military families gathered this morning in Escondido for the County of San Diego 2016 Veterans Forum. They were there to learn about County programs and resources, commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and celebrate the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

Source: County Veterans Forum Unveils New App for Services


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Easy Cajun Chicken (Low Carb & Gluten Free)

An easy, delicious low carb recipe for Cajun Chicken that the whole family will love! Dip in ranch dressing to really push it over the edge!

Source: Easy Cajun Chicken (Low Carb & Gluten Free)

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Low Carb Breakfast Casserole

Looking for a Low Carb Breakfast Casserole. It’s easy, quick and absolutely delicious for the weekend or pre-prepared breakfast for the weekdays.

Source: Low Carb Breakfast Casserole

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Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Are you craving pizza? Well here’s a delicious recipe for Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza, it’s sure to please!

Source: Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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Is Chivalry Dead?

How to Bring Chivalry Back into Your Relationships

Is chivalry dead? Some would say it went the way of the dinosaur! American men often think chivalry is a waste of time but a true woman is often impressed and pleased when a man performs an act of chivalry. Here are 7 ways to impress your favorite girlfriend, mother, grandmother and strangers with acts of chivalry. None of these steps will cost you any money; however, they can earn you some much needed relationship points.

 Step 1

Confidently and with style, allow the woman (or women) to go on and off the elevator or escalator first. Remember, women often wear high heels which can get caught in the stairs or entry ways. If you are behind her, you can be there to help her in case she trips or falls.

Step 2

At a restaurant, let a woman select what chair she wants to sit in or what side of the booth she wants to sit on. Allowing the woman to go first makes her feel more comfortable and allows you the opportunity to show her that her needs are more important than yours.

Step 3

Open the door for her and hold it open while she goes into the room or building. Don’t rush to get in before her and don’t shove her out of the way. As women are usually towing children or pets with them, by holding the door open for her, you are showing her kindness and patience.

Step 4

After an outing, walk her to her front door. Don’t just leave her at the door way to fend for herself. So many women live alone today that coming home to an empty house can be scary. Even if she just lives down the street from you, it is comforting to know someone is watching to make sure you get into the house safely. If you are bringing your date home, walk her to her door and watch while she enters. She may be so impressed that she will invite you in for coffee.

Step 5

Never let a woman walk to their car alone after dark. After taking a quick survey of the women in our office, this appears to be the scariest time for women. Do your part and escort her until she is in her car and she has the car started. Sitting in a car that won’t start in an empty parking lot is the thing horror movies are made for!

Step 6

When taking public transportation, allow the woman to board first and select a seat of her choosing. If you are taking a taxi, allow her to get in first and make sure you don’t shut the door on her dress or coat. When exiting a bus or train, let her exit first and be there to give her a hand in case she should slip or trip.

Step 7

Always walk street side. This means you are both walking together, you should walk on the side of the side walk where the cars are. This way she won’t get splashed by passing vehicles and there won’t be a chance of her getting pushed off the curb and into the street. Just as mother walk on the outside to keep their children safe, men should walk on the outside to keep the women safe.


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Coaching a Problem Employee

First published 02/05/2010 on Associated Content/Yahoo


What is the difference between coaching someone and supervising someone? Coaches motivate, teach, inspire, encourage and challenge their staff. Supervisors are often seen as someone with authority over you, interfering and often remote. “Coaching” is preferred over “Supervising”. A coach should consider the reasons behind the poor performance or behavior before approaching the employee. The recommended process for coaching included five basic steps: State, Wait, Remind, Ask and Agree.

Step 1:

State the problem to the employee.

Do not approach the employee while you are upset or unprepared for the conversation. Accusations and condemnations will not give you the results you need. If the employee was late, simply state, “I noticed you were 15 minutes late this morning.”

Step 2:

Wait for a response from the employee.

The key here is to listen to the person without interrupting them. Let them give you their explanation, reasons or excuses, regardless of how silly and off tract they appear to you. Do not speak until the person stops speaking. They may say something as easy as “I know” or their explanation may be a melodrama of about five minutes long.

Step 3:

Remind the employee of the organizational goals.

Tell the employee why it is important that everyone work within the company policies. You can say something such as, “It is important that you be here on time. You are part of an important team that needs you here on time everyday. When you are not here on time, it slows down the rest of the team and things are not accomplished in a timely manner.” Be aware of going off track and stick with the planned statement to prevent the topic from wandering.

Step 4:

Ask the employee to provide a solution specific to the problem being discussed.

This may take some patience…but stick with the topic and gently ask the worker “What can you do to solve this problem?” Give them time to think of a solution, being careful not to interrupt them or let them walk away. Once they walk away, the solution will still be missing and the behavior may very well continue.

Step 5:

Agree on a solution with the employee. Do not terminate the conversation until a solution is agreed between you and the worker. Summarize the conversation. Repeat the observed behavior, state the agreed upon solution and don’t forget to tell the person thank you for their cooperation. If the behavior continues, you may need to have the conversation again, and then include as part of your final step, any disciplinary actions the company may take against the employee.


The key points to remember when coaching anyone is to stay on track, don’t discuss any other problem except the one you are prepared to talk about and listen politely while allowing the employee to think of a solution. Don’t forget to follow up with the employee in a day or two to see how they are doing.

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