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Keeping the Mice out by Fixing the Holes

Plaster wall repairs and other stucco repairs on the outside of your home or garage should be done on a cloudy day, out of direct sunlight when the air temperature is between 59 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is too cold, the adobe mix will not set right and if it is too hot, the adobe may dry too quickly, preventing a good seal between the layers of adobe.


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Spiders, spiders everywhere!

Spiders and other creepy crawlers find their way into our homes, not matter what time of year or season. To keep them out of your living areas, a complete cleaning of the home first is your best defense. Then, keep them away with natural repellants such as moth balls, peppermint oil and dishwashing detergent.

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Growing a Garden in a Recycled Soda Bottle

How to Make a Soda Bottle Green House |

Do you need a recycling project for the kids? Or do you just want to see if you can grow a beautiful garden in a plastic soda bottle? This article will tell you what you need and how to get started.

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Growing Sweet Bell Peppers

How to Grow Sweet Bell Peppers |

Excellent article on how to grow bell peppers. These colorful plants grow well inside the house and outside after the frost is clear. Pick up a packet of seeds or use the seeds from inside the pepper. This is a great experiment for home school students too!

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Growing Green Beans In A Plastic Baggie

How to Grow Green Beans In A Plastic Baggie | Green beans for some of the easiest plants to grow. This is a great activity for kids over the Christmas Holiday break. They will have plants before they even go back to school!

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