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Coffee and Wildlife

Sleepily, I made my way downstairs. The smell of fresh brewed coffee filled the air. I entered the dining room, stumbling toward the kitchen. Glancing out the glass doors, I was surprised to see two young fawns on the patio eating a breakfast of my sister’s prized roses. Mesmerized, I watched them peacefully consume one delicious rosebud after another. Abruptly, a pot holder soared past my face and thumped against the glass. I jumped. The frightened fawns darted off the porch into the woods. I turned toward my sister. “Stupid deer!” she smiled at me, “Need coffee?”


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Let Love In

Let Love…


Let love fill your heart

Make your cheeks blush

Let love interrupt your thoughts

Fill your head with dreams

Let love give you more courage

Than you will ever need

Let love send you on a journey

New adventures new company

Let love direct your life

Fearless, bolder, filled with dreams




People say love changes you. This poem is written with that thought in mind. Let yourself fall in love again. Feel new emotions, experience new dreams, share new adventures. Let love change your life.

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How to use Writing Prompts in a Short Story

Seeking Inspiration for Writers

Have you ever sat at your computer, searching your mind for something to write, knowing you needed to get something on paper with a deadline fast approaching? There are several sources where a writer can go for inspiration. You can read a book, edit an old story, read the newspaper or call a friend and ask them what they are up to. Ideas for stories, poems and articles can be found almost everywhere.

Getting Rid of Writer’s Block

There is a wonderful book you can read called Take 10 For Writers written by Bonnie Neubauer.  This book is filled with over 1000 ideas to get your brain working and the words flowing. This book is filled with ideas and uses a simple creative format to encourage you to look at old ideas from a new angle. I love this book as it has given me lots of ideas for creative writing projects.

Use the Internet for Inspiration

If you are in internet user, there are several writing prompt sites on the internet that can help you as well. Simply type “writing prompts” in the search box of your favorite search engine and you will discover many sites to ease your frustration. My favorite site is: . This site is very simple to use and full of thousands of ideas to get your mind flowing. The one I picked was number 57 which gave me a list of five items I was to use in a short story.

Use the following 5 words in a short story or poem

Plastic bottle

  • Hockey puck
  • Dirty handkerchief
  • Crumpled note
  • Unhinged door

Why Use Writing Prompts

Once you find a writing prompt that peaks your interest, run with it and see where your mind goes. Don’t worry about it making sense, don’t edit as you write – just make something up. Try to think of it as a game for your mind; a game without rules. For an example, I have taken the writing prompt I read and I have started the story below. For fun, think about how you would finish the story.

A Writing Prompt Begins: Crumpled Notes and Handkerchiefs

It was not a good day for Tess; in fact, the whole week sucked! It all began last Sunday when she was running late for ice skating in the park with her best friend Carol. As she left the house, Tess had let the door slam behind her. The screws had worked themselves loose and the unhinged door fell with a crash to the front porch. Disgusted with herself for letting the door slam so hard, Tess had just left the door on the porch; planning to fix it once she got home.

Once at the iced over pond, Tess gave Carol a hug and they took off their shoes and laced their ice skates. Still talking, they headed out to the edge of the pond. They had not seen each other in a while so they were not really watching where they were going. As they rounded the far end of the pond, a hockey puck flew right across their path, causing both women to fall on their knees. Hitting her knee hard on a rough patch of ice, Carol cut her knee, turning the white ice bright red. Trying to help her injured friend, Tess reached into her pocket for her handkerchief but only found a crumpled note she had shoved in her pocket the day before. Quickly shoving the note back into her pocket, Tess reached into her other pocket.  Pressing the handkerchief against her knee, Tess was able to calm Carol and stop the bleeding.

As Tess and Carol inched their way to the side of the frozen pond, one of the boys from the hockey game approached them. “We are so sorry”, the 12-year old boy said, “we did not see you skating on that end of the pond. Are you okay? We really are sorry.” Before Tess could reply, a tall, athletic young man wearing hockey skates approached them, shoving the boy to the side. “I have a first aid kit”, he said, “let me help you.” As the young man helped Carol to a nearby bench, he continued talking. He explained he was the coach of the hockey team and though they usually practice on the indoor rink in town, he felt the boys needed some fresh air and he had driven them to the pond for their practice session. Removing the bloody, dirty handkerchief from her knee, the young coach reached for a plastic bottle filled with water and rinsed the blood from Carol’s knee.


Now it’s your turn….how would you finish this story?

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Loneliest Time of Day

The loneliest time of day for some

Is the hour just before dawn

Before the sun rises, before the shadows are gone

The lonely are loneliest just before dawn


They recall the life of the night before

Following the trail of clothes on the floor

The music of a party over long past

Allowing them to revel in the past


But I feel a wonder at each new day

As the rising sun scatters shadows away

The morning light brings me beauty and light

Chasing away the coldness of last night


No, morning is not lonely for me

For I see a day of adventure waiting for me

With bird songs and street sounds filling the air

Morning is a time best often shared


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Are plants afraid of scissors?

Are sunflowers sad on a cloudy day?

Does a waterfall feel rushed?


When daises dance in the wind

Do they feel joy?

When a rose petal falls

Does the flower feel sorrow?


When darkness comes and

Blooms close for the night

Do flowers dream?


If nature is life

And nature gives life

Does nature feel alive?


Fear, sorrow, sadness, joy

Our lives are filled

With emotions

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My Pencil Poised

I sit here with chin in hand

My pencil poised on paper

My mind is buzzing

 Words tumble and fall

In all areas of my brain

They fight for a place up front

A bouillabaisse of letters and words

Searching for significance

Demanding to convey a sentiment, a thought

With eyes closed

Ideas form more quickly

My pencil is ready

 My fingers grip tightly

Eager to record each expression

One word, two, a phrase springs to life

Words flow as a poem begins

The page fills quickly

My pencil is content at last.


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So Many Books

There were so many books at Barnes and Noble’s

That I wanted to buy but I wasn’t able

Up at the counter with my chin in my hand

I said to the sales clerk… I have another plan


At my low bank balance I did curse

As I put my wallet back in my purse

I pulled out my phone and I began to type, open morning and night


I entered the ISBN number

Of the books I had found

And quickly my frown

Was upside down


For there on my phone

Was each book I was seeking

At a lower price

And with free shipping


I clicked and I scrolled filling my cart

With Barnes and Nobel’s heavy on my heart

There is much to be said for a book held in hand

And my first choice is a bookstore to find what I can


But as money is the king of the land

I must cut costs wherever I can

Thanks Barnes and Noble’s, mortar and stone,

But I must go with the prices found on my phone.

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Pray when you see pain … Pray to experience joy Let prayer feed the soul

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January 20, 2017 · 2:16 AM

I Am Waiting

Every day I wait

to see what man will do

to care for planet earth

as our creator asked us to.

Not using guns or angry words

to get their point across,

to ensure that for future generations

not all is lost.

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A Grain of Sand

Far above the ocean floor a wave has carried me

Tossing, churning, traveling, toward the place I long to be


Each wave carries me closer to the warm summer shore

Where adventure and dreams wait for me; in the water I will live no more


In a drop of salty spray I am tossed upon the sand,

Expectantly, anxiously, waiting for my new life to begin


Another wave rushes toward the shore, pushing me again

Thrown past rocks and pebbles, my aquatic adventure ends


Nestled on the beach, basking in the summer sun,

The water can no longer reach me here, lighter I become


I dream of adventure, of traveling across the sand

Perhaps in the shoe of a child or stuck to someone’s hand

Or maybe a young couple, strolling on the beach

Will lift me from the surface, letting me stick to their feet


Life out of the water, brings joy to a grain of sand

Washing up on a sunlit beach, my summer vacation at hand

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