Poets Corner


The pedestal you set me on

Is getting battered and grey

Even cracked in a few places

Supported by a wobbly leg

 The consequence of this pedestal

Is the distance it creates

Leaving me standing here, watching you

While my tattered heart waits

 Waiting for the love we could have shared

Adventures of life we were meant to share

If merely the distance from this pedestal

Would simply only fade


A Grain of Sand

From the ocean floor a wave has carried me

Tossing, churning, traveling, toward the place I long to be

Each wave carries me closer to the warm summer shore

Where adventure and dreams wait for me; in the water I will live no more

In a drop of salty spray I am tossed upon the sand,

Expectantly, anxiously, waiting for my new life to begin

Another wave rushes toward the shore, pushing me again

Thrown past rocks and pebbles, my aquatic adventure ends

Nestled on the beach, basking in the summer sun,

The water can no longer reach me here, lighter I become

I dream of adventure, of traveling across the sand

Perhaps in the shoe of a child or stuck to someone’s hand

Or maybe a young couple, strolling on the beach

Will lift me from the surface, letting me stick to their feet

Life out of the water, brings joy to a grain of sand

Washing up on a sunlit beach, my summer vacation at hand.

After writing a number of poems on Assoicated Content and Bukisa, I felt it would be a great idea to have a page just for my poetry. Here you will find links to many of my poems and occassionally, a few of the shorter ones as well. My goal is to write an Epic Poem, one that is long enough to be a book and interesting enough to make you want to keep reading to the end. Therefore, if you see one of my poems that truly touches you, please leave a comment and let me know. Blessings to you all!

South Korea Waterfall Aug 18


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