About the Author

Thank you for your interest in my blog. Here you will find a collection of articles and other other bits of information that I find interesting. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail at: Kristieraburn@aol.com.

You can also visit any of my other sites and leave a comment for me there. I started writing as a way to earn some extra cash but I discovered I really like to write and since I was an English major in college, writing on-line is a natural progression.

I have been writing on-line about 5 years. I also write for Bukisa.com and Yahoo Voices.com. I am a featured local contributor and a featured home improvement contributor for Yahoo Voices so I write a minimum of 5 articles a month for them and get paid a set amount per article. It is a good deal if you want a guaranteed rate for an article.

My articles can also be found on FireHow.com and HubPages.com. All articles for FireHow are “how-to” articles, while the articles on Hubpages can be any type of article. Each site has their own earning program and with a bit of work, you can earn money each month on either site. Check our “Did you Know…” page for referal links to my other writing sites.

If you are a fellow writer for Yahoo Voices, send me a link to your article and I will post it to my blog for you. Your article will get more traffic and you will earn more money. By letting your friends know where that your article is posted here would bring more traffic to my blog, which in turn benefits everyone. So writers send me your links; we can all grow together. Click the following link to join me on Yahoo Voices. Join the Yahoo Contributor Network


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