The Written Page – Poem by Kristie Raburn

The Written Page

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I have written myself into a web of madness;
where hideous creatures troll the dark streets,
where angel wings fan the souls of the newborn,
where pirates sail on traitorous seas,
and young maidens seek safety in the chapels of God.
Adventure, fantasy, faith all tumble upon the written page.

The Written Page. Poem by Kristie Raburn. The Written Page: I have written myself into a web of madness; where hideous creatures troll the dark streets, where

Source: The Written Page – Poem by Kristie Raburn

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Ravens – Poem by Kristie Raburn


On a cold crisp winter morning,
38 degrees, no wind, no ice,
With sunrise still minutes away,
Not bothered by the chilly air
Noisy ravens squawk and perch nearby

Bundled in coats and sweaters
Woolen gloves and thick socks
Unlike the ravens,
My neighbors are not so enthused

Let the raven nosily seek his morning meal
I see no need to be rambunctious
or explore the chilly air
I will sit and warm myself
with a morning cup of steeped tea

Bundled in my robe and sweater
Woolen gloves and thick socks
Unlike the ravens,
I am not so enthused

Ravens. Poem by Kristie Raburn. Ravens: On a cold crisp winter morning, 38 degrees, no wind, no ice, With sunrise still

Source: Ravens – Poem by Kristie Raburn

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Curse of the Dandelion – Poem by Kristie Raburn

A wild plant despised by many
…the dandelion may be cursed

cursed with bright yellow petals
that flutter in the wind,

cursed with white pompom centers
enjoyed by honey bees,

cursed with light airy seeds
that float on the summer breeze,

cursed to land freely, in any field
or wherever it wants to begin,

cursed it may actually be…
as gardeners and homeowners pull it free.

Source: Curse of the Dandelion – Poem by Kristie Raburn

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Young Hearts – Poem by Kristie Raburn

Young Hearts. Poem by Kristie Raburn.

The sorrows of a soldier’s world
Can be seen in his downcast eyes
The tears that streak his cheeks
Are unable to tell us why
Pain comes from many sources
Weakening a battered soul
Overwhelming visions of darkness
Turn a young heart to old

Source: Young Hearts – Poem by Kristie Raburn

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When Teenagers Travel

5 Things Every Traveling Teenager Must Have

Teenagers are very good travelers. They can travel the world with just a backpack and a change of clothes. Traveling with a teen is made all the easier if they have the crucial items with them that they use everyday. Not including hair dryers, acne medicine, or soda, every teen will travel best if they have the five basic life essentials as listed below.

  • Music

We have all seen the teenager walking down the street oblivious to the world around them with ear phones in their ears. When a teen is traveling, whether it is across the world or across the street, they all seem to demand they take their music with them. The current teen generation all seem to have iPods and ear buds. If they don’t have an iPod, MP3 players are also acceptable, as long as the teenager has had the time to load the MP3 player with music. If you are traveling with a teen and an iPod or MP3 player is not available or is out of your price range, you can purchase a CD player and a few CDs to get them through. A portable DVD player might also come in hand as well as a laptop computer. Just remember to bring the charger cable for anything electrical.

  •  Phone

My 16 year old does not go ANYWHERE without his phone. He would just die if he was not able to text his friends any hour of the day or night. Many of the current phones will work in all parts of the United States and by purchasing an international plan, some will work in Europe or South America. Check your phone plan for fees and restrictions before your teen travels – they will appreciate it. Again, do not forget to pack the phone charger or you may end up buying another one in some strange city far from home!

  •      Money

Just as adults need money when they travel, a teen needs money too. To keep your teen from spending all YOUR money, set a limit or budget before you leave and stick to it. It works best if you give your teen their own wallet and a small amount of money to spend per day – just in case they lose their wallet. Keeping them in charge of their own money teaches them responsibility and allows them freedom to choose what they want, without asking your approval at every store.

  •      Food

Always pack snacks in the backpack of a teen. Whether it is chips or gum or cookies, teens are always looking for food. As food in unfamiliar places can be hard to find or expensive, it is best if the teenager is carrying snacks to tie them over until they can find a place to eat that is comfortable for them. I have driven hours without a peep out of my teenager just because he had food to eat and music to listen to.

  •      Comfortable Clothes

Jeans, shoes, pants and a comfortable shirt may be all a teen thinks he needs to travel. If they do their own packing, they may forget about underwear, socks and a jacket as they believe all they need is what they are wearing at that time. When I ask my son if he packed extra clothes he reminds me there will be washing machine wherever he is going so why take extra. Make sure your teen brings at least two changes of clothes – he will appreciate it when he does find a washing machine and realizes standing around waiting for the dryer to finish is best done if you have clothes to stand around in.

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Installing Window Tint at Home

Are you tired of the heat streaming in through your windows and heating up your home? Window tint can help keep the heat out. Here are some helpful instructions on How to Install Residential Window Tint And Decorative Film On Your Patio Door


If your house faces the sun and you are tired of the heat coming through your windows, consider installing solar blocking window tint film on your south facing windows. Available in home improvement centers and on-line, residential window tint film can save on your summer cooling costs and prevent damage from the sun’s rays to your carpets and furniture. Auto metallic window tint and RV orange chrome window tint film can be found at auto part stores. Decorative window film can provide added privacy and create a attractive window at the same time. Larger pieces of window tint and decorative film may need to be ordered on-line.

Things You will Need: Very sharp Scissors, Tape Measure, Very sharp Razor Knife, 12 inch ruler or yard stick, Plastic Card or Squeegee, 32 ounce Spray Bottle of clean water, and Lint-free paper towels.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the window removing all traces of dirt, grime, grease, etc. Rinse the window well. Make sure your window is cool to the touch before starting – the film will not adhere properly to a hot window so if you are doing a window facing the sun, wait until the sun sets. Smaller windows are easier to tint if you can remove them and lay them on a flat surface such as the floor or a table.

Step 2

Read the directions that came with the window film kit. Especially read the hints and tips part of the instructions. Window tint film should be applied on the INSIDE surface of a very clean window.

Step 3

Fill the clean 32 ounce spray bottle with clean water and 8 drops (a one second short squeeze) of very mild dishwashing detergent such as “Joy” dish soap or use unscented baby shampoo; do not use liquid hand soap.

Step 4

Carefully measure the height and width of the window’s glass surface. Then measure the film and add 1″ extra material on each side. Use the scissors to carefully cut the film to the larger measured size.

Step 5

Lay the cut window film flat on a very clean and flat surface, with the release liner side up, or have someone hold the piece to be applied for you. If you are tinting a large window, such as a patio door, it will be a lot easier to have a helper.

Step 6

Remove the release liner from the film sheet and spray the now exposed adhesive surface and the surface of the window thoroughly with the soapy water wetting solution. Take care that when removing the release liner the film it does not roll over onto itself. It will stick together and is difficult to pull apart. Wet the film section by section as the liner is removed. Though slippery, the film is much more manageable when it is wet.

Step 7

Spray a generous amount of the soap solution to the glass. This will help prevent the film from sticking to the window immediately, allowing you more time in which to properly position the film. It also allows the film to slide very easily on the glass, making it easier to get to all the edges of the window.

Step 8

Place the now wet film onto the wet clean glass surface. If you sprayed enough water, the film should slide all over the window without sticking. Position the film on the window, paying careful attention to the edges and corners. Again, a helper is recommended for a large widow.

Step 9

Lightly wet the face of the film just enough so the squeegee slides easily. Use the plastic card or squeegee to smooth the film from the center of the window out towards the edges of the window, pressing gently enough to remove any air bubbles and excess wetting solution. Make sure the film remains flat and smooth with no remaining air bubbles and water. If any bubbles are stuck under the film, use the card or squeegee and press them out towards the closest edge.

Step 10

Once all the bubbles and crinkles are gone, trim the excess film from the edges of the surface. Do not cut into the weather stripping on the glass. It is best if you cut the film edge in one continuous movement, using the ruler and very sharp razor knife. Use the paper towels to absorb any excess wetting solution around the edges of the window film. Then gently wipe down the surface of the film to make sure it is dry. You can now reinstall the window and admire your handiwork.

Tips & Warnings

The film may take a few days to dry in order for it to completely adhere to the glass surface. If you feel it is necessary, use removable tape to secure the edges of the film to the window until the film is secure.

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Yeah, it’s Thursday!

As a writer, I my brain is rarely still or empty. Often, it feels as if there is a Daytona 5oo going on in there – and this poem captures the mood of my mind most of the time. It’s hard to stay focused when your brain never stops asking, “What if?”.

photo of head bust print artwork

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In my Head…

I have a poem in my head

Words running around waiting to be said

Yet they won’t come to the front

They are just running around amuck!

They need to be still…

If they expect to make it to my quill

Onto the paper as they are willed

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Today’s posting…

I have been writing poetry for many years and have come across many things that inspire new poems. My latest posting is on my Poet’s Corner page and is a poem called Farewell to a Wall Clock. If you ever had to say goodbye to a clock or some other mechanical thing – perhaps this poem echoes your feeling. Click the Poet’s corner tab to read Farewell to a Wall Clock and other favorite poems.

close up view clock

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Stories to tell…

It is hot here today in San Diego, California and probably the hottest spot would be Death Valley.  I visited Death Valley once – not in the summer mind you – but it was the inspiration for my latest flash fiction story, named “Death March”.

…The desert is an unforgiving place. This one is called Death Valley for a reason. Every living thing here has to fight for survival. Temperatures over 120 degrees, no clouds in the sky, no rain fall for months. It is a desolate, lonely place, where each being has to do whatever it can to survive. And we would have to fight too, or else our bones, quickly bleached white by the unforgiving sun, would become just another set of bones …

Click the Flash Fiction Page for the rest of the story…

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Welcome to today’s version of Lessons Life Has Taught Me…

Within these pages, you will find a collection of articles, news stories and fictional stories. Please check out my redesigned Flash Fiction page and the Poets Corner page, by clicking on the top page tabs. I am certain you will find something to read the will make you think, laugh, cry, or just say…”What the ?”. Enjoy your time here and drop us a comment or two and let us know your opinion of our work. Thank you and have a great day!


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